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The PAS Experience

Our Results

We live our name: Personal Assistance Services

From Account Management to in-the-moment support, counseling and life management service delivery – we serve people personally. Our mission: We believe all people need to feel the sense of purpose, hope and dignity that is enriched through relating and connecting with others. With a passion to impact the world, we love what we do — compassionately inspiring people to thrive at home and at work. We serve people personally — soul-to-soul. With servant hearts and proven results, we help people improve the quality of their lives.

PAS is Better, Not Cheaper

Our Approach

A premier Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), Personal Assistance Services (PAS) has been a leader in the employee assistance field for four decades. Serving across the country and around the globe, PAS is a life event company that helps employees with virtually any life need: being successful at work, getting along with others; achieving life balance; being a better parent, grandparent, friend or spouse/partner; planning for the future; becoming happier and more resilient; overcoming addictions; solving legal and financial challenges, being more organized, and so much more. As a resource to people for life’s questions, having PAS is like having a personal concierge to help manage work and home life.

PAS offers an extensive array of confidential counseling, coaching and consultation services for employees and their dependents, performance improvement tools for managers, on-site or virtual support following disruptive events, dedicated counselor presence (clinic, virtual, on-site), personal and professional development, forensic and organizational consultation for management and human resources. All of these services help employees and managers solve problems, navigate challenges and strengthen their work and home life.

What sets PAS apart

National network of 60,000 licensed masters-level counselors across the US

Global network spanning 185 countries

Risk mitigation team of forensic and clinical psychologists and CEAPs

Year after year, a 98% account retention rate

Dedicated Account Management & Reporting

PAS’s account management is focused on raising awareness, reducing stigma to seeking assistance, and engaging employees to use the EAP for life event support. Service reports reflecting true utilization are generated quarterly, and a return-on-investment report is generated annually. Website hits, telephonic and web inquiries, and training participants are not counted toward utilization percentages and are reported separately with engagement statistics.

Our account managers closely monitor the events that occur in the communities and organizations we serve and proactively reach out to offer services to support employees. PAS also aligns with local human resource and benefits management teams to gain first-hand knowledge about occupational influences at each worksite. PAS is able to integrate within multiple employee and organizational support systems to promote mental health awareness, consultation and support:

  • Wellness teams, health clinic, fitness center
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Manager Education forums
  • Peer support team training
  • Risk management, threat assessment, safety
  • Organizational development
  • Employee benefit communication platforms
  • Vendor summits
  • Financial wellness & financial hardship programs
  • Disruptive event support/dedicated counselor presence
  • Targeted wellbeing check-ins (post-trauma/disruptive event, RIF)
  • Training (on-site, on-demand and live webinar)

Improving the quality of life


of EAP participants would recommend PAS to others

4.8 5

of participant satisfaction after using our EAP services


of cases resolved within the EAP benefit


improvement in mental health


report personal life is better


report improved productivity at work

A Top-Tier EAP

A wellbeing strategy for today’s workforce

PAS’s focus is on proactive and continuous engagement. We leverage technology to extend learning and practice opportunities and connection to a professional human care navigator via participants’ preferred means of engagement.

Download the full article to see how PAS is different from a typical EAP. 



Customized support tailored to your unique workforce

We all go through challenging stages in our lives, no matter our job title. Some of the industries PAS serves include:

  • First Responders, Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare, Education
  • Railway, Trucking, Restaurant
  • Finance, Technology, Legal
  • Construction, Utility, Labor Union
  • Non-Profits, Ministries
  • Manufacturing, Farming
  • Municipal Governments, Social Service
Increased Wellbeing Engagement Through Clinically Validated Digital Tools

Integrated digital engagement platforms

eM Life

PAS’ mindfulness platform teaches new skills every day that help you make every moment matter with greater focus, creativity, and purposeful decisions about your health and wellbeing

Learn More

MindHealth Matters

PAS’ monthly interactive digital wellbeing magazine features easy point-and-click access from any device to easy-to-read, enjoyable, engaging information via interactive graphics and exercises

Learn More


Your wellbeing is at the heart of how you live, work, care for your family, and build relationships – and your wellbeing matters to us. That’s why we are excited to offer RxWell®

Learn More

What organizations are saying

“I have information about the free EAPs included with our insurance program suppressed in our communications.  From my point of view, Western has the Cadillac of EAPs with PAS.”

“I will continue to recommend the PAS program to our employees. Everyone is talking about how helpful the counselors are and how much better they feel after speaking with them. You all are making a real difference.”

“I have heard so much positive feedback about PAS training services. Our partnership with PAS is priceless!”

“I have extremely high expectations of PAS and I continually see them constantly excel and impress us. It really is a working partnership. We’ll set the bar a little higher and we know they’ll jump.”

“PAS has so many different avenues that can help our employees: household organization, transitions to retirement, eldercare, will kits, nutrition, budgeting. PAS is a great resource for just about everything.”

“Other companies may spend more on flashy bells and whistles stuff but in my 25-year career in benefits, PAS has been, by far, my favorite vendor I’ve ever worked with.”

“The PAS team that we work with has been better than any of our other benefit vendors. It comes down to their great personalities and level of expertise, diligence, and effort to understand our unique problems and help us tailor programs to meet those needs. They partner with us and bring us new, cutting edge ideas.”

“They really are what their name states – Personal Assistance Services. We have thirteen employee benefit vendor partners. If all of the others embodied 60% of what PAS has, we’d be unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with.”

“PAS is more hands-on with us as a customer and one-on-one with our employees versus just being like a call center. PAS is flexible and they give our employees more personal treatment which is what we are very interested in having for them. I know that employees are going to be well taken care of – it’s just that level of comfort.”

“I have absolutely no doubt that if I got in a bind and needed PAS to deliver on something they would step up and do it. Having that level of comfort in a vendor partner is rare. That is the one thing I value above and beyond anything else. When we ask them or need them to do something, they will always deliver.”

“Our previous EAP was with our health plan carrier that provided most everything: medical, dental, disability, flex, and EAP. We knew they weren’t experts at all of them and that they were certainly not the best at EAP. We wanted a niche firm that focused on EAP and did it really well.”

“We had multiple EAP providers throughout our US operations. We didn’t have a centralized system for access, benefit communication, or aggregate reporting. And we wanted a partner who could be flexible and could accommodate our unique requests.”

“We had low utilization and negative feedback from our employees and managers about their experience with our previous EAP. That is what made us start looking for something better.”

“PAS’ primary purpose is EAP, they have a great reputation and you always get a live person to talk to when you call. When I had people coming to my office in tears and I had to hand them the EAP phone number of our previous EAP, it made me sick because I knew they would get a recording or a voice prompt that really led to nowhere or be redirected to a website.”

“We were truly looking for an EAP partner that would be a benefit or value-add for us. Sometimes it means a higher cost vendor and sometimes it is the PAS’ of the world that you didn’t know about but you find out that you’ve got this nugget of gold that is just waiting to be mined.”

“In the past we have had EAPs that just gave you a card and said here, call these numbers. But I am so excited that we get to offer PAS to our employees now. I have never seen a more proactive organization. In education we have always been good at taking care of kids, but now we can be good at taking care of ourselves.”

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