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Privacy Policy

PAS Web Privacy Statement 

Welcome to, the website of Personal Assistance Services (PAS). The PAS website is designed to help you learn more about improving the quality of your personal and work life. We have taken extensive precautions to protect the confidentiality of your visit to our site. PAS respects your personal privacy and is providing this informational statement to describe PAS’ privacy and security practices for this website.

About Using Our Site

The information on PAS website is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It is not to diagnose medical or mental health conditions nor is it mental health counseling or therapy or medical treatment in any form. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling with a licensed mental health clinician nor a substitute for medical treatment provided by a licensed physician. By putting general information on our site, PAS is not engaging in performing any legal, financial, medical or other professional counseling services.

Always consult with a licensed professional before taking any action based on information you find on this site or any other website. Safeguarding your health, both mental and physical, requires the knowledge and skills of a licensed professional. To reach an EAP counselor, call PAS at (800)-356-0845.

Independent, Educational Website

PAS does not accept any advertising on our website. We do not collect any information from you for that purpose. Our site is an independent website for informational and educational purposes only. We do not receive income from any sponsors, advertisers or users. We do not receive income from any websites to which we offer links or from any resource we list on our site.

Personal Information

You do not have to provide any personal information to visit this website. When you navigate through this or any website, certain personal information about you can be collected. Our web server software automatically collects and temporarily stores the following information about each visit for statistical purposes: the domain name you use to access the internet, the time and date of your visit, the name of the organization that sponsors your EAP benefit (if you choose to provide this information), and the pages visited.

We use this information to create aggregate reports about site activity. This aggregate information contains no personal identifiers. By aggregate reports we mean that we take the information about all of our visitors and add it together to create a report about how our site is visited. We use this information to track use of our site and to improve our site. We do share this aggregate usage report with our client organizations.

No other personal information about you is collected unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with additional personal information through an e-mail message. By personal information, we mean your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number and any information you place in a message that you send to us. We do not share e-mail addresses with anyone and we protect the confidential information in your message once it is received by us.

How We Protect Your Information

We do not share your personal information with your employer or any other third party. We share this information only with PAS staff and PAS affiliated service providers, when necessary in order to provide services that you request. For example, if you send us a message requesting services from us, we may share personal information such as your name, contact information and benefit coverage information with a PAS service provider so that they are able to serve you. PAS complies with all state and federal laws regarding the protection of your personal information.

Electronic messages

We handle all information and correspondence you share with us in the strictest confidence. When you send comments, questions or requests for service to us using this website, we will share your message only with those PAS employees who are responsible to answer your questions or arrange services for you. We will retain your communication until we have completed a good faith effort to provide a complete and satisfactory response. We do not keep your communication for any other purpose.

When you send an e-mail message to us, while it is in transit to us, it may be possible for other Internet users to access and view it without your knowledge and permission. This is true of most, if not all, non-encrypted internet e-mail communications. To protect your privacy, please do not send e-mail to us with information that you consider personal and confidential even if the channel is secured. To communicate with us about personal and confidential information, please contact us by telephone at (800)-356-0845.

Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to other sites that may be useful or of interest to you. This privacy notification applies only to information collected by PAS is not responsible for the content or privacy practices used by the sites to which we provide a link. Once a visitor to leaves our site to link to another site, the privacy policy of that site applies. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of each and every website you visit to learn about how they protect your privacy.

Updating this Notification

PAS periodically reviews its policies and reserves the right to make changes to them. If we change our website privacy policy, the changes become effective upon posting at