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Passages Of Life

Click on topics to learn about life’s twist and turns and find resources to help you through them.

Living on my own

Be financially fit – speak with a certified money coach about budgeting, cash flow, debt management, and expense planning. Visit with a counselor for a well-being check-up; explore how you can strengthen your relationships, overcome loneliness, and thrive during work & life transitions.

Marriage, divorce, and remarriage

Visit with a family and relationship counselor to explore how to best thrive together as partners, combine households, and adjust to new roles within your extended or blended family. Speak with a professional organizer to plan out your home living spaces and household management tasks.

Birth or adoption of a child

Speak with a childcare specialist for assistance in locating childcare providers, resources and confirmed vacancies for your specific needs. Speak with an adoption consultant for assistance in locating adoption related resources and get an information packet to assist you in the adoption process.

Raising A Family

Speak with a certified child development/education expert about your child’s special or gifted needs, Individual Education Plan and advocacy. Meet with a licensed counselor about personal, family and other relationship strengthening; thriving as a parent or grandparent, well-being, life balance and more.

Balancing work life with personal life

Speak with a certified life & well being coach for personalized guidance to help you identify and achieve goals, make changes that improve your overall life balance, consider options when making a significant decision or life transition, and stay focused on your core values and passions.

Staying happy and healthy

Meet with a licensed counselor for guidance on personal resiliency, relational and emotional well being, navigating change, stress management and more. Speak with a licensed dietitian for guidance on nutritional strategies, weight management, diabetes management, healthy cooking & eating.

Change in household income

Talk with an certified financial counselor about life change adjustment, cash flow, debt management, financing, large expense planning, foreclosure & bankruptcy prevention, estate planning & asset protection. Use our Stress Helpline where financial counselors will personally connect you to resources.

Loss of a significant relationship

Meet with a licensed counselor for help in overcoming grief, trauma, depression, loneliness, anxiety and anger; get information about support groups. Talk with a certified life coach for personalized guidance as you consider your options during this life transition.

Caring for aging family members

Speak with a care manager for help with local and long distance customized care planning, crisis intervention and prevention, Medicaid and Medicare eligibility, etc. Consult with an attorney to answer questions and provide general guidance on trust, durable power of attorney and other important docs.

Planning for retirement years

Talk with a retirement coach to discuss the non-financial side of retirement including your personal values and goals for retirement life (volunteer and/or part time work, leisure, relationship, physical and emotional well-being). Consult with an accredited/certified financial counselor about estate planning.

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